Poemophone: Score for Kezar Lake


HewnOaks Residency, September, 2014

Listen here for an excerpt of live performances on Kezar Lake:

I spent three weeks living and working alone in a cabin on Kezar Lake, near the White Mountains and the border between New Hampshire and Maine.  In this quite, woodsy residency I focused on integrating field recordings and site specific performances into the language-based works I had been creating with ‘Poemophones’, a series of experimental instruments that I have built.  I brought recording equipment and a group of my experimental instruments to the residency to compose, perform and record in the landscape of Maine, in the woods and on/at the water.  I used my time to edit on site in order to make compositional decisions based on being able to return to specific locations within the landscape for further experimentation.  I came away with hundreds of hours of field recordings and performance recordings.


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