ELECTROMOTILITY (Lat.40.67 Long. -73.97)

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ELECTROMOTILITY (Lat. 40.67 Long. -73.97), 2016

Electromotility, a rapid, force generating, length change in response to electrical stimulation, is essential in the biophysics of the mammalian inner ear.  The electromotility appears to be responsible for the cochlea’s surprising ability to generate sound. (Kemp 1978)

Lat 40.67, Long. -73.97 GPS for the Meadowport Arch (Google Maps)

Electromotility (Lat. 40.67, Long. -73.97) was a small scale, temporary, site-specific sound installation, both site responsive & viewer participatory. Taking place inside Meadowport Arch in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY on two consecutive weekends in September 2016, this collaborative project explored the intersections of community, nature & technology.

We invited the community & park-goers to contribute to the ambiance of a shared site-specific & sonic experience. Field recordings that pick up the resonance of Prospect Park emanate from a series of freestanding experimental sound sculptures made from various natural & high tech materials. Seed pods & leaves from trees local to the park perform as ‘leaf speakers’, ‘seed speakers’ & interactive musical instruments that carry the resonant ambiance of the park. Listeners can interact with these sculptural instruments by tripping motion sensors that activate harmonic treble pieces (birds), amplify the sounds of nature, or trigger accordant bass/percussion accents to the sonic piece, making interactive compositions as interpretations of the landscape.

Using improvisation, western & non-western musical structures, field recordings & sound textures, our performances include prepared recordings & onsite responsive sculptural instruments, both digital & manual, inviting park-goers to compose with us on site, listening to our compositions as well as ambient sounds of the immediate landscape & adding their own layers in response to the specific moments spent in that location within the park.
Billy Curry/Tracey Cockrell

with special thanks to Lee Boyes & Jeff Wolf

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