a sound sculpture

90” x 90” x 90”

typewriter, maple, purple heart, steel music wire, brass, silver, glass, rubber

Listen here for an excerpt: 

Similar to the Poemophone: Optima, the act of typing sets this sound sculpture in motion.  Five thin lengths of maple span horizontally the corner of a room.  Stretched across four of these lengths are steel music wire, tuned to produce various tones when struck. A copper tube is suspended horizontally from the lowest rung.  Mounted along the right side of each length, from top to bottom respectively, are a glass globe containing silver beads, a typewriter bell, a miniature hammer, and a flap of rubber.  A manual typewriter sits a few feet away on a table.  Each key on the typewriter is connected via thread to a single brass rod.  Each brass rod is positioned to strike either wire, or tube, etc…   This sound sculpture was used in a series of collaborative performances with other artists, writers, and musicians.  “Aspirate breath is expelled at the edges of the teeth” is a CD booklet documenting these performances.

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