Hewnoaks Kezar Lake Score_small


36″ x 36″

digital print

Listen here for an excerpt of live performances on Kezar Lake:

In September of 2014, I spent three weeks living and working alone in a cabin at Hewnoaks Residency, near the White Mountains in Maine.  There I focused on integrating field recordings and site specific performances into the language-based works I had been creating with experimental musical instruments that I have built.  I brought recording equipment and a group of my experimental instruments to the residency to compose, perform and record in the landscape of New England.  I spent my time editing on site, making compositional decisions based on being able to return to specific locations for further experimentation.  Hiking each night I made nocturnal field recordings of the loons and owls in the region.  By day I canoed the lake, studying the tree-line and the shore-line for use as a visual score.  An audio CD and booklet of this work is forthcoming.



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