Secret Life image 4


a series of sound sculptures

various plants, wood, conductive thread, earth magnets, amplifiers, batteries, iPod

In Spring of 2015, I was granted a residency at Leland Iron Works in Oregon City, Oregon.  I spent my time there exploring the intersection of nature and technology by combining various natural materials found on site with new high tech materials, such as conductive embroidery threads and miniature circuits, to make functioning electronic speakers. Building technology in the field, making such things as ‘leaf speakers’ and ‘seed speakers’, amplifying the sounds of nature, and introducing compositions as interpretations of the landscape, my aim was to find out what natural materials make good membranes for moving air and translating digital audio files into airwaves that can be heard. This experimentation resulted in small scale, temporary, site-specific sound installations at Leland Iron Works and a subsequent series of sound sculptures.

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