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TreeTome (2019) is a temporary, site-specific sculpture installed at the Art-in-the-Park Biennial in Elm Park, Worcester, Massachussetts through September 8th, 2019. TreeTome is sited near the corner of Elm and Russell Streets to orient viewers towards the Olmstead designed open space and the woodlands of Newton Hill. This view emphasizes the entire 58.4 acres of public-access space. Notably historic, Elm Park is recognized as the first purchase of land for a public park in the United States.

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TreeTome, a collaboration between sculptor Tracey Cockrell and writer M. C. Boyes, is a site-specific public writing desk with a steel-bodied, manual typewriter, a green Smith Corona from the 1950s, that is permanently attached to a tree stump that morphs into a table.

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This sculpture incorporates “pages” of writing, seemingly swept by the wind. The pages, embedded in weatherproof acrylic, contain frozen moments—a birth, a death, the budding of a tree, the dissolution of a way of life.

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These pages scatter the desk as well as the ground near the sculpture. With this installation, we want to rebuild not the ghost of a tree, but the spirit of writing in conversation. Using cast words from established and emerging poets as our scattered sheets of “paper,” we hope to inspire and engage the community in celebrating writing.

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Poets and poems included are:

Jorn Ake, “Song #3,” from Boys Whistling Like Canaries (Eastern Washington University Press, 2009)

M.C. Boyes, “For D”

Tarfia Faizullah, “Infinity Ghazal Beginning with Lice and Never Ending with Lies”

Fady Joudah, “Sleeping Trees,” from The Earth in the Attic (Yale University Press, 2008)

Ruth Ellen Kocher, “We May No Longer Consider the End,” and “the gigans: viii,” from Goodbye Lyric: The Gigans and Lovely Gun (Sheep Meadow Press, 2014)

Erika Meitner, “And the Moon,” and “I’ll Remember You as You Were, Not as What You’ll Become”

Darren Morris, “We Finish Like the Thinnest Wings”

Joshua Poteat, “Tintype”

Judy Strang, “All is Worthy (for Lynn),” and “Two Angels”




Follow the individual links below to find out about each of these poets and to read more of their works.

Jorn Ake

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M.C. Boyes

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Tarfia Faizullah

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Fady Joudah

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Ruth Ellen Kocher

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Erika Meitner

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Darren Morris

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Joshua Poteat

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Judy Strang

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